Gear Calculation

The following programs enable the accurate calculation of the gear properties and the creation of gearing data relevant to construction:

  • Ansys
  • Kisssoft
  • Rikor (FVA)

It is possible to observe the behaviour of the entire gear system by means of the MASTA software. The calculation of one gear component often turns out to be sufficiently accurate only if the impact of the gear environment is also taken into consideration.
The gear environment, for example, must be considered for the optimisation of the rotational error of a spur gear stage by means of flank modifications. The deformation impact of shafts, bearings, thin-wall components and the gear housing are part of the gear environment. Since all elements cannot be determined analytically when there are complex geometries, the Ansys software will create reduced stiffness matrixes to be incorporated into the calculation with MASTA.