• Skiing with ZG

    ZG postponed its ski day and finally on 10th January 8 employees spent a bright and sunny day skiing in Fieberbrunn / Saalbach. They just went on and on until the last lift shut. ... read more
  • Christmas Party 2017

    On 15th December ZG Christmas party started at the kart track in order to find a new owner for the ZG kart challenge cup. In Brautlach everybody had dinner and after a short presentation on 2017 including introduction of new colleagues finally the legendary party started. ... read more
  • Visiting 07/08. July 2017 in Dresden

    Visiting the newly opened office facilities (January 2017) and meeting the colleagues located there gave the reason for a ZG weekend retreat to Dresden on 07th and 08th July. The historic center of Dresden has been visited by a guided tour by foot – even the natives could gain new impressions of their city. After an extensive dinner everybody could explore Dresden by night. A visit of the VW gläserne Manufaktur which was quite impressive was on the schedule on Saturday morning. Finally ZG ... read more
  • Skiing with ZG

    On bright and sunny 20th December 2016, 10 employees of ZG spent a day in Fieberbrunn / Saalbach. Snow was great and there were nearly no other people on the slopes.... read more
  • ZG Kart Challenge and Christmas Party on 16th December 2016

    ZG Christmas party started at the kart track. After some exciting contests, the ZG kart challenge cup could be given to the winner of the race. Afterwards a short presentation gave a review off the year 2016 with its events, news, and happenings. After the evening dinner the final party started and the dance hall opened.... read more
  • “Schafkopf” Tournament 2016

    The ZG “Schafkopf (popular Bavarian card game)” tournament took place at our location in Eching on November 22, 2016. Not only were 12 seasoned card players present, but also four “non-Bavarians” were shown the ropes and recruited directly for next year’s tournament. Food and drinks were generously provided and each participant received a prize. ... read more
  • Hopfenzupferfest 2016

    Some ZG staff with their families met to celebrate the traditional “Hopfenzupferfest (hop cultivation festival)” on September 11, 2016. The individual production steps of hop cultivation were explained and the visitors were given the chance to learn and understand many details about the further processing of hops from the raw state to the ready packaged produce. “Hopfenmahl” (lunch) and, of course, “Hopfentrank” (beer) rounded up the festival in a jovial manner. ... read more
  • “Betriebsausflug” (Company Outing) 2016

    All the staff of ZG GmbH took the train and, subsequently, the bus to Munich – Wolfratshausen on the morning of July 7, 2016. We changed our mode of transport in bright sunshine to embark on our rafts in Wolfratshausen. The ZG staff enjoyed delicious food and drinks while floating down the Isar river from Wolfratshausen to Munich-Thalkirchen for several hours. The orchestra on the “deck” of the raft catered for perfect musical entertainment. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed... read more