Gearing Calculation – Bevel and Hypoid Gears

MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH, with their vast expertise in the field of bevel gears, designs any type of straight or spiral bevel and hypoid gears.

  • Calculation of the ease-off and tool/machine set-up data for any machine
    (including 5-axis CNC machines)
  • Performance of local analysis from gearing efficiency grade to the calculation of the flank breakage load capacity
  • Calculation of the deviations from the positioning of the axis under load
  • Support for the production and/or delivery of prototype parts

Regarding bevel gear calculations, MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH works closely with ZG Hypoid Gmbh ( The software “ZG Suite” developed in-house is available for recalculation and variant calculation of macro geometry. “LokAna”, our programme developed in-house, enables extensive analyses based on local approaches. The FVA software packages BeCal and KNPlus are available for additional investigations too.